Organized by:

The Romanian Association for Stress Analysis


and Materials Testing – ARTENS


in cooperation with:

Central Travel


Co-organized by:

Austrian Society of Experimental Strain Analysis (ASESA)

Croatian Society of Mechanics (HDM)

Czech Society of Mechanics (CSM)

German Society of Experimental Structural Analysis (GESA)

Hungarian Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering (GTE)

Italian Association for Stress Analysis (AIAS)

Polish Committee for Mechanics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (KMPAN)

Serbian Society of Mechanics (SSM)

Slovak Society of Mechanics (SSM)

Slovenian Society of Experimental Mechanics (SSEM)


Organizing committee:

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Department of Strength of Materials:

Prof. Ştefan Dan Pastramă, Prof. Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Dr. Dragoş Apostol, Dr. Emil Nuţu



Central Travel:

Laura Postelnicu